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Steam Engine Restoration Pages

On this page you'll find links to various steam restoration topics, from the very general to the very specific

Steam restoration tips - General tips, tricks, good practice and ideas from myself and others

234 restoration diary - short photojournal of my experiences restoring a wrecked Bowman 234 loco, my first attempt at serious restoration

M122 restoration diary - my restoration of a Bowman M122. Mainly cosmetic, but very comprehensive

E101 restoration diary - photojournal of the restoration of an Bowman E101 to mint condition, by my friend IndianaRog

M101 restoration notes - notes and pictures of my restoration of an M101

Wormar Trojan Restoration - another superb job by IndianaRog

Faking A Bowman Badge - Badge missing from your Bowman? Here's how to make one

A very quick guide to soft soldering for those essential repairs

IndianaRog's "Good 'n' Hot" Juice Reducer - A simple DIY voltage regulator

Illustrated guide to boiler thread repairs and cap removal, by MamodMan

Making a replacement Bowman chimney, by Steve_S

Making replacement Bowman oiler taps, by Steve_S.

Making a Bowman Burner, by Steve_S.

And, underneath this, my own little video tutorial to basic solver soldering: