IndianaRog's "Good 'n' Hot" Juice Reducer

Another fine invention by IndianaRog, inspired by an idea from fellow steamer Peter B. of Canada. All this is is a high-capacity domestic dimmer and a socket. This allows the user to reduce the heat to an electrically heated engine, and therefore run it at tickover without the safety valve constantly blowing off! Simple, but incredibly effective, and made out of readily available and affordable components - the whole setup's less than $20. The one Rog and I made is for US voltage, but you can just as easily make one for 240v. If I had had the idea for this box when I had my Wilesco D32EL I might have kept that engine! The problem with electrically heated engines is that the heater elements can be, shall we say, somewhat over-enthusiastic, and this fixes it. It will also prolong the life of a heater, as it runs at much lower temperatures. If anyone's interested in building this drop me a line.

I made up the name and logo for this box - it's a rather awful pun on Roger's last name....the logo also hides a nasty drilling accident (hint: NEVER use a spade bit at an angle!)