Other lost souls....
Roly Williams - All-round nice guy, gave me lots of good advice and some very detailed measurements that allowed me to make up a bogie for my 234 before I found the original. He publishes a book about model steam, and on his website you'll find detailed instructions how to make a three cylinder Mamod if you happen to have a couple of spare SE3's that you don't mind hacking up a bit.

The Toy Steam Bible - a mighty work in progress, but already a fantastic reference point by and for the toy steam community. Want to identify that elusive engine? Chances are it's on here, from the common-as-muck to the totally obscure.

John Chapman runs an interesting site with superb pictures of his collection. John's another genuine enthusiast who subscribes to the "play with it, don't just look at it" philosophy

The Steam Gallery is the personal website of Steve, who also designs and maintains the Jensen website. It's a real labour of love detailing his unique and very comprehensive collection, with gorgeous pictures, and utterly readable. You'll even find the odd item for sale. I've spent hours looking at this site and I'm still finding new things to look at - a fantastic resource for collectors.

Colin's Classical Toy Trains : A lovely site from a New Zealand-based train collector and fellow Bowman enthusiast - if you're into model trains, this site's paradise!

John's Model Steam Engine Museum is a wonderful site run by a true enthusiast, with a wealth of pictures and information about the prewar German manufacturers, including a few I'd never heard of. Essential visit!

Paul Turner's Website documents his fine collection of steam engines, including some rather gorgeous homemade ones.

Crabfu's Steam Toys
has to be seen to be believed. This guy builds some astonishing contraptions out of readily available kits. Absolute must-visit!

IndianaRog Headliner small

....and the Temple of Steam" .One of the finest steam collections I know has a proper home on the net know - this website of my brother-in-steam Rog is an absolute must-visit: LOTS of information on Jensen, Empire, Karsten and many other great toys.

Steam-Toys.com    A very well designed site by a fellow Dutchman (but in English), Mamod-focussed with some great older models.

James Chantry's pages - James should be knighted for his services to steam collectors, because at the tender age of 13 he founded the Unofficial Mamod and other Steam Forum, the liveliest steam group on the net. To this day James remains the administrator, and a fantastic job he does as well.

Andrew Gorton - Webpages of this Australian Mamod collector. Andrew's a frequent contributor to the Mamod forum.

Dampfzauberer - (The steam magician) is Mirko's page, in German. Mirko has a fabtastic collection of candlestick German engines.

Ken Brockway   has tons of information about building the PM engine kits, and one of the most fascinating projects I've seen - building a small paddle steamer!

Hildo's website   wildly eccentric fellow Dutchman who writes (in Dutch) about his hobbies, which include motorcycling, kiteflying, parasailing, steam engines, mushroom hunting, vintage cars, black powder firearms, model rockets.....if you can read Dutch, you can spend hours on this website - I certainly did!

BéGé's website   fantastic French website, lots of interesting stuff here, plus a link to the French steam forum

Vintage Steam Toys  a wonderfully eclectic steam site full of great pictures of rare engines

Sandman's Steam Shack  is a new website by Sandy Hunter, a great guy as well as a collector of impeccable taste. If Sandman can't polish it, it can't be polished!

John Reid   like IndianaRog, John's a fine gent from the US Midwest...he's come to steam collecting fairly recently, but he has a uniquely thoughtful approach to the hobby. One to watch!

Kritika   a very well designed site with some gorgeous engines - another mate from the forum.

Bucket of Steam is Les Marsh's excellent website, which has a heavy emphasis on engine accessories and driving models.

Klaus Lutz  runs this well designed German site, with some unique engines - check out his Regner Kraftwark!

Willsy's Toy Steam very well designed site by one of my forum mates.

Paul Smith's Website still being developed, but growing rapidly, a very interesting site.

Mini-Steam is Jay Minor's website - another good forum friend, and the owner of a very fine collection - also a Morris Minor enthusiast.

Blowsteam is a new website by my big Ozzie mate Clinton, aka Whistleman

Dave’s Tin Plate Engines - a great website by another forum mate, well worth a visit

Retailers, producers, supplies....
Mike Cooke, The UK's foremost trader in vintage toy steam - very knowledgeable and a nice guy. On eBay as CaravanUK

Mainsteam is Keith Appleton's excellent website and business - if you're into steam boats, look no further.

Forest Classics is in my opinion, and that of many others, the best source for new engines and a huge range of spare parts. Easily the UK's leading Mamod dealer, they also sell Böhm, Jensen, Wilseco, Mercer, Sussex steam, and a fantastic range of burners. Top notch service any time.

Dream Steam is unbeatable when it comes to parts and modifications for Mamod and MSS locos, as well as new MSS locos and rolling stock

Model Enthusiasts carries the full range of Mamod and Wilesco, and is pretty much the only reliable source of Wilesco spares in the UK - superb service.

Steamfittings is a superb source for just that....steamfittings, from union nuts to pressure gauges.

Mamodparts is an excellent source for obsolete Mamod, SEL and Bowman parts

Jensen is the best a premier source for Jensen steam engines and spare parts

Pop pop Boats: For less than a fiver, every steam collector should have at least one.