This website documents my small but bijou collection of live steam toy engines. I'm often asked ( in a sort of "you should get out more" tone...) what the appeal of these toys is. Well, I think there are quite a few factors. They're noisy, smelly and dirty and have just a hint of danger about them, which appeals to the big kid, but they're also design classics: every single one of my engines can be dated by its looks alone, from the sober functionality 1930s Bowman engines, to the diner chic of the American Empire engines, and the sobre, functional designs of early British post-war engines, not to mention the classic elegance of the Nuremberg makers such as Bing. Another factor is that almost all my engines were bought as wrecks (with a few notable exceptions); I love rescueing old crocks and bringing them back to their former glory - worth noting here that all my engines get regular outings - they're not simply display items. I'm pretty sure the trouble started for me with my tenth birthday present: a Wilesco D45, which I treasure and play with to this day. Having the hook planted young seems to be something many collectors have in common!

On this website you'll find frequent references to "The Forum". With this I mean the Unofficial Mamod and Other Model Steam forum, of which I am an active member and moderator. To date this very active group has more than 1000 members from all over the world and of all ages and walks of doesn't matter whether you have 1 steam engine, 100 engines or indeed none at all and just an interest, everyone's why not visit today, make the move and join up!