Bowman of Luton Info
In "Model Engineer" of December 1978 Basil Harley writes:

"Some time before World War II the firm of Piece Parts and Assemblies Ltd  was  set up in Luton to manufacture components and sub-assemblies particularlyfor the aircraft industry. This naturally flourished during the war but, in 1945, the end of hostilities posed problems and the late Mr. P.M.Nash, the then managing director, looked round for new product lines. The name and the "Archer" trade mark of Bowman Models Ltd was apparently available (Ceased trading in 1934 -Ed.) and was purchased from a member of the Jenkins family with the intention of manufacturing new versions of the (mainly) steam driven toys that Bowman Jenkins had made so successfully during the war  (.......) Model engines were indeed their first products and (picture) shows a typical example of one of their early stationary steam engines. It is conventional enough, with a methylated spirit-fired horizontal boiler supplying steam to a single oscillating cylinder engine with a massive lubricator (.....) the particular distinguishing mark is the embossed B&M on the boiler casing."

Below are pages from the Bowman of Luton catalogue, plus hand-typed instructions for running the engines. All posted here with kind permission of Mick R - many thanks!