Bowman Catalogue
A while ago I bought an M135 along with its box and what was described as "bits and pieces". The bits and pieces turned out to be a collection of little tinplate funnels, a tinplate flask containing some oil and a nice small brass pipette oiler.

In the bottom of the box I found a crumpled lot of papers that on closer examination turned out to be an original Bowman catalogue. It lists the M101, 135, 158, 167 and the Wormar Trojan, but there is no mention of the 122, 140 or 180. Although model railways are mentioned, the Bowman locos are not.

I can only conclude that this must be a very early catalogue - an opinion reinforced by the illustrations - they show a safety valve differnt from the one found on most Bowman engines. Also, the 101 is only listed without the control tap, and priices are slightly lower than those listed in a repro catalogue I have (thank you Chas!).

The catalogue is quite badly creased and stained. I have scanned the whole thing in, and include low-res scans of the originals below. I've spent quite a lot of time cleaning these up (there's an example on the main Bowman page) in Photoshop. The scans are very high resolution (3000 lpi). If anyone's interested in a copy, punt me a blank CD and an SAE . I'm not going to start selling reprints - if you want nice reproduction catalogues contact Paper 'n' Steam.

1 -front cover

2 -inside cover

3 -where made page

4 -all british p1

5 -all british p2

6 -steam trains p1

7 -steam trains p2

8 -steam power - meccano

9 - steam power p2

10 -101 sewing

11 -101

12 -m135orig

13 -158

14 -167

15 -wormar

16 -spare parts