Easily the weirdest thing in my collection:
The Jenkins Productions “Kavor” Toothbrush.

I was lucky enough to find this wonderful piece of Bowman curio on a certain well-known auction site recently – it really is in superb condition, having seen, I suspect, little or no use, as the bone brush head show no signs of use whatsoever and there are no water marks on the drive. It came with its lovely little lined box, and complete with detailed instructions.

Upon looking closer, I was immediately struck how much this 1931 patent resembles my modern electric toothbrush. As I already had some experience in using the Bowman “Hipower” water motor (see the ephemera page) I decided to try out the toothbrush. Remembering the “don’t put that in your mouth, you don’t know where it’s been” instruction I’ve so often given to my own children, I adapted a modern tooth brush head to fit on the Kavor handle, cut a little neoprene washer and connected the contraption to the tap….it worked wonderfully well, and once I got used to the flexible drive shaft it did get my teeth very nicely clean!

The more I find out about Geoffrey Bowman Jenkins the more I admire this wonderfully inventive eccentric Brit!


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