A bit about Bowman boats…….

Geoffrey Bowman Jenkins was quite the boat maker! They were very close to his heart, borne out by the fact that one of his earliest designs, the 1925 “Peggy”, then sold under the Hobbies brand, was named after one of his own children. Wonderful pictures exist of “GBJ” trying out his boats on the local pond, the Neatherd.

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I’m lucky enough to own a lovely early Peggy, and the full complement of Bowman-Hobbies branded steam boats: The tiny Swallow, the Snipe which is the most widely seen model, the Eagle, which has a large bore engine, and the spectacular twin cylinder Seahawk. All were obtained with the help from good friends from the forum!

I expect the subject of Bowman boats would merit a website of its own....rubber band driven “Aeroboats”, Clockwork bpats, the “Ridlington” sailing yachts....the list goes on. The inventiveness of the great man shines through in the sheer variety of his designs.

1926 Peggy

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1927 Peggy


An extremely lucky eBay find for under £150!! This boat is only a year younger than its sibling, but has a whole new level of sophistication. It has a superheated engine that is starting to show some distinct Bowman traits like the drip feed oiler. This example is in wonderful original condition (the bottom has been repainted with a bitumen - like sealant. It is boxed, and comes with its original measuring cup and funnel. It is a large boat: at 32 inches a full 3 inches longer than the Bowman Seahawk.

Bowman boats:
Left to right: Seahawk, Eagle, Snipe, Swallow

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Some videos.....